How to enable Browser watcher


We are using activity watch in windows system, by defaul its not allowing browser watchers

Need to know steps to enable / import browser watcher in our system

Manish Pandya

It is only officially supported for firefox and chrome. You enable it by simply installing it from the chrome web store or the firefox add-ons website.

If something doesn’t work we can’t help you unless you give us more information about what you are trying and what is happening.

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I have installed Chrome Extension in my MacBook and Windows Laptop.

Its showing message “unable to send events to server”

Activity Watch is running and sending AFK & window status to the server

Couldn’t find any setting option, am i missing something
In client we have enabled

  • aw-watcher - afk
    -aw - watcher- window
    & - unmarked below watcher
  • aw - server
  • aw - server - rust

Apart from installing Extension, do we need to configure anything at client or server side

If both aw-server and aw-server-rust are unmarked it is not working correctly, one of them (not both) should be marked (by default just aw-server). If not there is something wrong.

It was marked When we installed the utility, we thought aw-server should be marked only on server so we have unmarked it in all the client machine.

should we keep it marked in all client machines

Does that have any relation with our problem

The recommended way to run activitywatch is to have the server and client running on the same computer so that’s what I assumed. If you have the server on a seperate computer you don’t need aw-server running on the client computers but then the web watcher will not work because of security limitations in the browser.

So you will have to decide what’s most important to you, to have a dedicated server or to have the browser watcher working. Because it’s impossible to have both unfortunately.

Thanks for the response,

We are using it in our office where we have deployed it on one server and all client machines are sending data to central server

unfortunately for us fetching all data in server is more important hence we have to live without the browser watcher.