How to open activitywatch dashboard?


I just downloaded ActivityWatch and am trying to get started with the application. I have Windows 7. I downloaded the latest release from Github and extracted the .zip. I double-clicked the aw-qt.exe, and I have a A/W icon in the system tray.

If I left click that icon, nothing happens, if I right click that icon, I get the following menu from the Activity Watch icon:

Clicking “Open Dashboard” does nothing.
Clicking “Open API Browser” does nothing.

I would say the highlighted section of text in the previous screenshot is where the installation process is breaking down for me.

How do I even access the named “Activity section?”

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong? I’m not a programmer or Windows power user by any means.


What is supposed to happen when you press “Open Dashboard” is that it should open a new tab in your browser with the address http://localhost:5600 which is the activitywatch interface. Why this doesn’t open though I don’t know and is definitely a bug, but you can work around it by entering that address manually in a new tab.

Most of our users are using Windows 10 rather than 7, we are already aware of a few Windows 7 specific bugs but we have not had time to fix them yet.

Thank you! That does take me to the dashboard. I appreciate the help.