How to track time in individual files within the same software package?

I’m a new user and have ZERO coding knowledge whatsoever.

My main work (illustration/graphic design/etc.) requires me to use Clip Studio Paint - and to a lesser degree, Inkscape - as my primary software packages, and I will often work on several files for multiple clients on a given day. With Inkscape, which opens each file as a new window, it is fairly easy to see how long I worked on a file on a given day, but I am having no such luck with Clip Studio, in which all files are opened in the same window.

I am using a desktop PC running on Windows 10.

Is there a way to work around this?

If it sets for example the filename in the window title it works (such as how word and browsers do) that’s possible. Otherwise unfortunately not.

The information we grab about applications are their appname and their title as that information is generic across all applications, anything else we need to do special cases for (such as aw-watcher-web to get URLs in the browser or the different code editor watchers which track programming language, project etc.). Developing such a thing for rare applications is likely not worth the time for most people.