Idea for event-based job scheduler, good fit/use-case for aw?

So, I had an idea for a project that after some investigation may be better easier to implement with a project like activitywatch than standalone. I wanted to get the opinion of the aw community to see if this is something both that people would be interested in and is possible with AW without hacky workarounds (easy integration vs working against how AW was designed).

essentially, I want to make something akin to a event-based cron(where time is one of multiple possible events). the use case is more relevant, less annoying reminders, enforcing habits you are trying to build, and as a backend tool for other apps for smarter contextually-aware scheduling. I’m going to list some use cases because it just seems easier to explain what I’m talking about that way:

  • say you want to execute/launch X after (a certain interval of) using Y.
    • I want to open bla/ in default editor after opening p/t/acticitywatch folder in vscode…
      • this is possible without activity watch because vscodes commandline can provide this information
    • after studying anki deck for 25 minutes, I want to close it, and launch leetcode(in browser or vscode) to a random unsolved problem
      • this is not possible without either aw or reinventing most of aw because anki’s usage cannot be inferred from the outside (from what I can tell), so you’d have to build an anki extension that acts as a listener, same for browser.
  • let’s say you want to base it off events
    • selecting a workout routine based off weather/temperature, and/or sending a list of supplement reminders based off workout type
      • somewhat possible without aw, unless using multiple devices
    • reward scheduling: if I do X and Y today, I can play games, otherwise they are inaccessible
      • accessibility is easy via permission manipulation, but still relies on time tracking
    • show different list of task based off current user activty: clustering social tasks, enabling/disabling automatic pomodoro timer based off current task set(don’t want to use it for stuff that requires flow)
      • reinventing a lot of aw features here.

P.S.: not sure if this should go in general, features, projects, or support, so if this should be in another category let me know and I’ll move it.