Implement Pomodoro timers

Maybe this is out of the project scope. But could be nice to include some Pomodoro technique features.

The app currently supports a Stop Watch, so, it may be scaleted to a 25 Minutes Timer (or any timeout) with a big display of the currently working on activity. Or something to remind the user what supposed to be working on.

Definitely a good idea!

In the spirit of Single Responsibility principle, I’ve been rethinking this as an integration of a multiple tool set. This post describes how to setup GNOME Pomodoro with TaskWarrior and TimeWarrior. It occurs to me, that instead of hooking with TimeWarrior it could create a new event on ActvityWatch. So this feature could better be a new CLI Watcher and then integrate GNOME Pomodoro, Sticky Notes, TaskWarrior and ActivityWatch.

Either way, the feature has no votes so it could be much effort to include it in the main app. I’ll be happy to start this new development in my free time as personally would love to have something like that on my time reports