Installation and Configuration in School Environment


I am a system administrator at a french high school. I need to monitor my park in the high school of about 400 PCs and I have 1200 users. The goal is not to spy on users, far from it, but only to see what tools they use and also the rate of computer usage.

I understood that I needed to modify the aw-client.toml file on my clients and put the destination server’s IP address as well as modifying aw-server.toml on the server (opening mode on the network without using the SSH tunnel technique).

However, my machines are used by multiple users, which implies modifying the client file for all users since the configuration is done in the profile and not in program files(x86) (which I find really unfortunate).

Fortunately, at the beginning of the school year, I activated a mandatory roaming profile for my students, so I can put the conf file in it, making my task much easier, as well as the shortcut for automatic startup at session opening.

I also created a GPO to install activitywatch in allusers mode.

So far, so good, the files are copied correctly into the profile, the software installs correctly, aw starts at session opening without error, and the aw-user file is correctly modified but nothing comes back to my server…

Note that manual configuration works but from a domain admin account and without a roaming profile.

I also set modification permissions for everyone on the folder containing the database on my profile on the server.

Are there other parameters that I need to activate or modify?

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Hi, Sylvian.
Did you find a solution, if so please share. Only thing I could think of is making sure that the IP address is whitelisted but since you are system admin I’m sure you already did it!

The ip address is my DC so I guess for the withlist it’s good.
I still don’t have a solution because in my opinion the main problem comes from user authorizations as the config is in the profile and the software launches with user rights.
I think the configuration should be in “Program Files” and the software should be launched as a system.

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