iOs support and using the VPN feature to do so

Hi there!
I know all the internet is looking for a way to get the data from the iOS Screen time feature, it’s a challenge! I am aware of this GitHub - ActivityWatch/aw-import-screentime: Import data from Apple's Screen Time on macOS and iOS to ActivityWatch too :slight_smile:

I recently tested the app Opal, it’s using the VPN feature of iOS to track the usage of the apps and block their access. Have you considered using the VPN feature of iOS?

I am wanting to build an external device, like an emergency sign that would blink and play a message / tune when I am finding myself being in addiction mode, so that I can be aware of it, stop what I am doing and calm my nervous system.

Also, what a beautiful project that is ActivityWatch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: