Issues with keeping different categories

Firefox fell into the non categorized category along with session, qbittorrent and notion (a few others but I can’t list them all off the top of my head)
This means that the only browser I use is showing up as uncategorised so it is next to useless
this can be fixed by making a custom category but it is forgotten in mere minutes by the dashboard

Is there a fix? did I uncheck something that may be causing this?

I don’t remember exactly what it’s called, but Firefox has a privacy feature which essentially doesn’t let websites save settings and clears them often. By default I don’t think it’s enabled by default, but other users who have switched that feature to the “strict” setting has gotten a similar issue as you do.

Could you go into your Firefox settings and have a look and if you can’t find anything maybe try another browser?

thanks for the info, I’ll try to set an exception
sadly I’m not going to leave firefox unless mozilla ruins it

I’m not going to leave it either and it works for me.

The setting is called “Enhanced Tracking Protection”.
Does setting it to “Standard” fix the issue?