List view alternative to timeline for entries

The timeline is nice, but seems to be a bit fiddly for me to use.

I’m missing the list style view beneath it like ManicTimer has.

Basically my only use for AW is for when I forget to start my Toggl timer and need a quick memory jogger as to when I started the last task.

I just want to quickly scan down a list and see when I started this current task.

At the moment getting the timeline zoomed in to the right scale, then hovering over each item to see when I started the task is a bit fiddly.

From further use I’ve found that this feature is already kind of implemented, by going to Dashboard > Raw Data and using the watcher-window bucket.

For the moment this solves my particular issue. However, if I understand it correctly, as I get more advanced with this I will likely install more buckets to watch different apps, so the window won’t be the single source of information.

If that’s correct then my original feature request would mean collating all buckets into one event stream in the main window.

How about just adding a link to the Timeline page for each bucket?

Clicking the aw-watcher-web-chrome" row title on the timeline would take you directly to

Also the hover on the Timeline would work much better if it would pop up immediately. It’s annoying to have to wait for the 500 ms or so to see the hover for each entry. I’d like to be able to just move my mouse over the timeline and immediately see the details in the hover.