Location of activity watch data files

I’m trying to write an python script to analyze/explore my laptop activity to gain some insights into my activity that activity watch dashboard doesn’t provide by default. So, where can I find the
log/event data that the buckets keep and the category settings ?

The settings are unfortunately not available outside of the web-ui right now, we are working on that. That’s the reason why the following note is shown in the “Settings” view

Note: These settings are only saved in your browser and will not remain if you switch browser. We are working on getting this fixed.

Otherwise there are multiple ways to get the data, two of them through our APIs


And then it’s also possible to read the sqlite database directly, but we don’t recommend that because we don’t guarantee that the format will stay the same.

So I see the settings are available in the localstorage of the browser. I will get those from there.