Log mood and emotions

This is important for those who want to analyze their mental state, but it currently not really what ActivityWatch is about.

It would be easy to add though, so I built a small prototype. It’s largely based on how Gyroscope does it, which is a clean approach. but very different to how e.g. Youper does it.

This was an idea I had that could make it easy to monitor a lot of different emotions without having to log each one every day by automatically adjusting to the frequency of which the user answers yes.

Would work well with the moodswiper proof of concept I linked above.

Many thanks for ActivitiyWatch! I heard about it for the first time today and have already tried many approaches in this area, because I am very in QS (in all areas). Someone in the Exist.io forum mentioned this project.

In this context I also “stumbled” over the topic of emotion tracking and share the opinion that Gyroscope has a very smart approach in this respect, which is providing much more (approach, UX) than many other approaches.

Nevertheless, I find it insufficient and unfortunately there is nothing better that forced me to design an approach myself. The whole thing is actually only in the “private pre-alpha” stage and will be tested by about 10 people. It is also still very nerdy, but is further developed as a protype, in order to convert it later into another form.

As an Excel approach (I know this is rather unusual prototyping…) it also ensures 100% data privacy, which is very important to me.

Maybe you are interested in this concept and we should have a chat :slight_smile:

Manual (containing Download-Link): [Link removed - please ask me via PM for more information]

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@blankster I’m working on an interactive life logging app, and am interested in potentially implementing a module for it based on your emotion tracking work.

While the core app is proprietary, we could design this module as a standalone that could be used separately.

The app is currently targeted at mobile and built in dart/flutter, so I would write the module with the same technologies (flutter is in open pre-release for web/desktop)

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Very very nice to hear this :slight_smile: I’m more than happy/willing to provide you feedback/my learnings, as I’ve already invested a ton time into the whole thing.

I’ll contact you by PN to exchange contact-details.

I would love this feature and i would be happy to test it out in a early stage if needed