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Hi I am a former embedded C/C++ *nix programmer from way back in the 90s. I have been mostly a network and systems engineer the last decade and want to go back into software… I had been using Rescuetime to monitor and control my computer/web usage but I dual boot and it doesn’t support linux tracking well and thus I found you. I have picked up python the last few years and consider myself proficient and am interested in learning Rust as well. I would to contribute so I can start working on real world project as tooling has changed so much from the 90s. I also want to learn current linux systems programming as so much has changed. Anyway do you have a thread or HOWTO on contributing to the project?

Hi, I’m new to ActivityWatch and its community and I came by your post. Since the app is open source I think you can contribute on its Github. I’m not sure if they added a guide somewhere to support new comers contributions but you can always take a look at the open issues I think, like on the link here:

Good luck!

Also you can find guides online on how to contribute to open source project like this guide:

Also new to the project, also trying to contribute. I think the best place to start is probably to just get the server and watchers running as is, and use it, collect data for a bit. And just poke around the various issues and discussions for the various projects.

There are quite a few QoL improvements that can be made, some bugs which need to be fixed, and this project could benefit from people with different backgrounds. For example, the android targetsdkversion needs to be updates so that it can be downloaded from google play on newer phones, they have a issue listing migrations necessary for the project, wayland support is an uphill battle, but there is a watcher that works for everything but gnome which could use a bit of love, and someone recently made a watcher for gnome, which might be possible to reproduce in the former wayland-window-watcher.

what kind of linux system are you running?

BTW, if you need any help getting used to the rust ecosystem, or have some basic questions about the language or dev tooling, feel free to ask.

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