MacOS Monterey - AW cant launch

ActivityWatch does not start on MacOS Monterey. Just nothing happens

I’d try the following:

  • Start it from a terminal, and see if you get any error (if you do, please paste it here).
  • Make sure to check the list of processes to see if AW is running, or which components are running.
  • Check logs if any related to this
  1. No errors when AW starting from terminal. Only standard security warnings at first start AW:
  2. In Process Monitor - no any launched processes similar to AW
  3. Where can I also get any information and logs then AW startup?

I’m having the same problem and would love to troubleshoot! Whether or not I start from terminal does not have an effect. Activity Monitor shows that that AW is running–but I can’t actually access the program in any way. It doesn’t actually open. Any ideas?

Same issue - AW not starting. Is this ever going to be fixed because I see the thread is pretty old.