Mapping the timelines to projects

Hey. I was thinking if we can add an option to map the timeline to specific projects. So what this does is that it provides the whole time we worked on a project. I know the editors’ option shows the projects we are working on but there are times when you browse more on the web for a project rather than coding. So thought an option like this would help the freelancers to show their timesheet to their clients and also enhance their productivity,

I think that’s a great idea!

I also imagine working on a project could modify the categorization rules:
I use some tools for both work and personal reasons. It would help me to separate the usage of an application based on the context. Also, as I use ActivityWatch to track my distractions, it would allow to categorize differently watching a video if I’m supposed to work or not.

Maybe this idea could apply to more than projects and use a more abstract notion of context (project, location, network name, etc.) to allow apply this automatically when ActivityWatch gains more features in the future. Just to say this feature can open a lot more than “just” projects and client management.