Match categories by edited file path?

I’d like to use AW to track the time I spend on various programming projects. I’m using the Emacs package for this.

Here’s such an event: (I can’t attach media yet, so this will have to do.)

I add a regex matching the path src/random:

The file in question shows up as uncategorized regardless:

How may I match the path of the file as described? Or is this Not A Thing yet?

Please see Categorization - you are trying to categorize not “window” events, it is not supported. I’ve tried to overcome it in GitHub - AlexanderMakarov/activitywatch-ets: Converter of ActivityWatch data into ETS (time cards) data. but haven’t completed the project. But probably it would work for you in the current state (because it works somehow :wink: )

That’s very unfortunate. Thanks!