Mockup for a GTK4-based client I'm writing

Hi everyone! I’m currently trying out ActivityWatch on Gnome.

I tried Workbench, but I really like the way GTK4, looks so I decided to rewrite it. I’m new to GTK development, so it’ll take some time to get comfortable.

Here are the mockups I created:

What do you think? Also, would anyone else be interested in an ActivityWatch client which uses GTK4?

Hi Jummit,
This looks amazing, do you have it on GitHub so we can collaborate on this?

I’m currently in the prototype phase, but I’ll put it on some code forge when it’s semi-feature complete.
Here is my progress so far:

As you can see, the bar chart isn’t implemented yet. But the rough layout is there.

Thanks for sharing update looking forward to it and contributions.