Module aw-watcher-window quit unexpectedly

I recently downloaded ActivityWatch for Mac running 11.7.9, Intel

Upon starting the app I get a Native Box saying:
“Module aw-watcher-window quit unexpectedly”

With the following details:
2023-08-11 10:43:18 [INFO ]: aw-watcher-window started (aw_watcher_window.main:62)
2023-08-11 10:43:19 [INFO ]: Using swift strategy, calling out to swift binary (aw_watcher_window.main:67)
2023-08-11 10:43:19 [INFO ]: Connection to aw-server established by aw-watcher-window (aw_client.client:436)

Restarting aw-watcher-window does not help me.
ie) The checkbox for aw-watcher-window does not show a checkmark.

I was curious and went through attempting to build the software myself.

Running make build yielded issues with the macOS version I am on:

aw_watcher_window/macos.swift:192:53: error: 'upload(for:from:delegate:)' is only available in macOS 12.0 or newer
aw_watcher_window/macos.swift:258:51: error: 'upload(for:from:delegate:)' is only available in macOS 12.0 or newer
aw_watcher_window/macos.swift:295:24: error: 'now' is only available in macOS 12 or newer
    let nowTime =

Also a couple of “note: add ‘if #available’ version check”

I tried doing

if #available(macOS 12.0, *) {
    // Code that uses macOS 12.0 APIs
} else {
    // Code for older macOS versions

Any recommendations?
I’ve yet to see the full capabilities of ActivityWatch and am excited to see how it all works!

I stumbled upon this open issue:

Moving my concerns there.