My Parents installed this spy software on my computer!

I was cheeking my pc’s file system when i noticed a program called activity watch. I did some research and found this same program online FYI : I Definitely did not install this! For the love of god people who make this stupid piece of spyware : can you guys at least have some kind of disclaimer or something because my parents installed this piece of shit and yes I deleted it but i’m still kind of paraniod about my parents doing this shady shit on my own pc.

If you don’t want that you parents do stuff on your PC, maybe … don’t give them access?

Also, if you are this paranoid, maybe overthink what you are doing? :smile:
The data isn’t sent anywhere so your parents also need to look it up on your PC, taking for granted that they didn’t set up a sync task which automatically moves the Activity watch database somewhere.

Last: They are your parents, they only want your best.
I was in that situation once too

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That’s awesome. Don’t you see what an opportunity it presents? If you have an understand what ActivityWatch does, this presents a wonderful for a prank. Open up some windows with the most vile, suspicious content and leave them there all day, minimized. Then, when they see you’ve been investing 92.5% of your time researching NAMBLA, perhaps your computer activity is not their primary concern.