Netflix/Youtube Video Tracker


I’m a heavy user and track all TV shows/movies I’ve watched (and also rate it). As I’m also quite a heavy Youtube user, I’m always missing something to track my youtube history. It would be very nice (also as USP for you guys) if your browser extension would support this and track as much meta-data related youtube-videos as possible.

I don’t know if this is possible (as they don’t have a public API anymore), but to automatically track Netflix would be also quite usefull. I hate that I need to always track my media consumption there manually. I don’t really use it (as I prefer the normal Netflix application), but traktflix seems to have an approach to get at least some information by browser.


If you watch Netflix/YouTube in your browser the data is already there, we just need to filter it out from the browser history in a nice manner.

It’s a shame that Googles YouTube APIs are so restricted, they have some public APIs for statistics but their internal APIs obviously has tons of more features (in this case we are missing their APIs for watchtime on a per-user basis).


That was exactly the idea. As there aren’t a lot solutions to track the Youtube history, this would be a quick win and a good USP for ActivityWatch.

Already the title, duration, watch-date/time would be nice.