New user needing help

First, thanks to everyone involved. I’ve been looking for a free open source activity tracker. But I’m having trouble using the application; I do have experience with python, github, and basic computer skills.
I’ve downloaded and installed the application, and in the system tray when I click ‘open API browser’ I get the following image:

I’m not sure how to proceed. Can someone help me get started or point me in the right direction? As a first step, I’d like to track my internet usage.

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Sounds like you want to click “Open Dashboard” on the tray icon and from there navigate to “Activity”.

If you really want the API browser, you can click the “default” section to expand it.

Hi Erik, thank you! You were correct. Although I did click open dashboard initially, I had trouble navigating. I honestly didn’t even see the activity, timeline, and stopwatch at the top of the page. In my experience, this wasn’t immediately intuitive. Personally I would have found it helpful if there was a brief youtube video on getting started – if you like, I can create one.
Thanks again for this project! I’ll try and provide feedback as I use it more :slight_smile:


Hello and sorry for my basic question, but I’ve installed the ActivityWatch, it’s in the tray but I cannot see any results!! No explanation here about how to use it (only on how to install it), and if I right-click at the icon and open the dashboard (which, I suppose, is the place where I’m going to see the results) I’m redirected to a “http://localhost:5600/#/”, no clue about where to go and see the results.

could someone help me please? Thanks

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ME EITHER! I also need the basic instruction.
Have you solved the problem now?
I swear I did read the tutorial written by the developer but I still don’t know what to do to get the visualised data.
So confused.

btw, the picture below is what my Dashboard look like.
I did add the NO_PROXY to my environment variables after I failed to get my activity data, but it doesn’t really works.

@AntaresShao It’s supposed to be a button in the top-right corner in your case, but it’s probably hard to see because you have some kind of automatic dark mode.

The top bar can have two different appearances depending on the width of the device, see the following screenshots (one from the frontpage and the other one from the Android Play Store).
Since the logo is not in the center, it seems like your device has a narrow screen and has therefore chosen the appearance which the android app has.

Thank you so much for your answer! I’ve found the page now! :raised_hands:
It’s MS Edge showing the whole page on my PC. Since I use vertical tabs in the browser, the Webpage squeezed into such a narrow space, while using dark reader extension makes the black logo seems invisible on the background. :rofl: