New user point of view

Hello ! I’m very new to AW. I was curious to see in a visual way my activity. Which is why I decided to look on Google for trackers or something like that and I found this here. What made me download this is the simplicity look it had and nice visuals for categorizing and also the fact it was open-source. Many very good tools are free and open-source. So I spent quite a couple hours trying to tweak it, understanding how it works. I ended up facing a couple of “issues”. Which leads to my post here.

From my point of view, as a newcomer, here are the pros and cons and suggestions I’m facing.


  • It’s not as “plug-and-play” as it looks. The main issue is organizing all the possible apps.
  • It’s hard to understand where something will get categorized
  • It does not seem to have a way of excluding something
  • Organizing the categories can be quite a pain as you can’t move a category before another one
  • The localhost website pages can be really slow and feel buggy or irresponsive
  • Some graphics seems to not be colored correctly
  • Afk time doesn’t seem to be working well. It is recorded as “explorer.exe”
  • You have to pay attention to check “ignore case” in most of the time
  • It can feel weird to see “server” stuff and makes you wonder at first where your info is stored, until you realise you’re your own server and nothing goes online, which is a good thing.


  • The visuals are really nice
  • You can move around the graphics the way you want
  • You can customize the app with more stuff (if you know coding, which is not my case)
  • The tracking seems to be working really good in most cases
  • It’s easy to setup new categories and tags to track apps


  • Have an Exclude list. (This seems to be already in discussion)
  • After the installation, it should scan the computer for all the apps and ask the user in which category to place each of those instead of having to indivisually create all categories and all tags.
  • Have the Category tree be drag and drop to move categories around or at least have a way to set a category “Before” another one. Right now anything you add is just added to the end of the list.
  • Have more colors or have a category color with a range between 2 colors and each app inside it gets automaticly assigned a different color in that range.
  • Allow to zoom in graphics or scale them

I will probably think of more stuff as I start using it more. But honestly, this looks like it has alot of potential and I think I’ll stick around. Keep up the nice work. These kind of tools are awesome.

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think the developer(s) pay attention to this forum; don’t have the courtesy to participate.

I stopped paying attention to all of it months ago for that reason.


Well, thanks for the answer. At least “some” people pay attention to the forum still. Like even if you stopped expecting an answer, you are still here.

Maybe one day it will get updated. The app is still more or less recent and seems to be still in development. I like the “local” approach where nothing should go to the internet.

LOL. i get the email. just whimsically happened to look at it today. thought your post deserved a reply.