Newb question: how to view total daily non-AFK time?

Hi all:
I just started to use AW for a simple purpose: To track my total daily work time (non-AFK time on my work laptop)
Fumble through the very complex summary page, I cannot seem to see a category of total non-AFK time…am I missing something?
Hope to get some help on this topic, thank you all.

Just stumbled over this wonderful tool and I’m wondering this exact thing!

it seems to me in activity if you hover over circle chart, the middle number is the total non-afk time…

Right now, Activitywatch automatically filters out all AFK time. If you click “Filters” on the activity page, you can enable AFK time, but it sounds like you just non-AFK time. In this case, the time on the Activities page is your actual working time.

Also, feel free to edit that page if it is too complex. You can edit it by clicking the “Edit view” button at the bottom of the Activity page for a certain view.