No Data Collected + Window-watcher not working

New user here, so sorry if this a simple issue. I installed ActivityWatch onto my Ubuntu machine, and it never seems to register anytime I spend on my laptop. If you look in the screenshot, it just says there’s “No Data” in any of the category’s, occasionally it registers some, but definitely not all the time anything from 0 seconds to 1 hour, but I use my laptop for much more. I also looked into my processes and what should be running, is running (aw-server, aw-watcher-afk and aw-window-watcher ). In the timeline, everything registers fine although the window-watcher doesn’t recognise the program I am using (mainly firefox) and it detects me to be afk when I am not too (screenshot below). I assume it’s an issue with the window watcher, since the firefox-watcher works fine, as seen in the timeline screenshot, some help would be great, and if any more info is needed I am happy to help :slight_smile:

I suppose your Ubuntu runs under wayland instead of X11. In that case window and afk watcher don’t work correctly. There’s an explanation in the FAQ