No data from the Google Chrome browser (Windows 10)

Hi, everybody. I installed this program, I want to see all the information about staying in the program. I’ve already started getting some information, but I haven’t got any information from the browser yet. I have Google chrome. What to do? Or will the browser data appear later?

For browser statistics to work you need the browser watcher installed and running, you can install it from the Chrome store

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Thanks for the reply Johan. I ran into a different problem. I installed the extension in Brave Brower, ActivityWatch is getting raw data

but still, nothing is showing in the browser tab, nor domain neither URLs.

Brave browser used to work, but they unfortunately decided to break web standards and now lies to webapps that it is chrome when it in fact is not.

More info can be found here

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I have had the app (updated) and browser extension installed on my Opera and Firefox browsers for years now and it had worked flawlessly until recently. Now, on certain days absolutely no data appears even thought it appears to have been recorded… I have recently started keeping my PC on for 24/7… Could that be responsible for this?


After checking the “aw-watcher-window” box; I haven’t re-encountered this issue, but I am pretty sure that it had never been on in the first place… its pretty confusing.