Opera extension support

Hello, is it possilbe to make Opera plugin for ActivityWatch? Unfortunatelly extension for chrome does not work in Opera.

In theory it should be pretty easy to fix, we need a minor change to the webui to include the Opera browser window name in our query and package+upload the extension to the Opera web extension store.

This is assuming that everything works as expected though (which things never do) so it’s hard to say how long it will take, but shouldn’t take too much time.

You’re the first one to ask for Opera support so we don’t expect there to be much demand for it though and since we’re a bit short on developers we’re probably not going to add that right now since we got other priorities and it’s kind of a maintenance burden. But we’ll add it to our list since it shouldn’t be very hard.

Okey, I understand :slight_smile: Thank you for reply, I’ll wait :slight_smile: