Our submodule-based bundle repo


This is one of those things I’ve had a lot of doubt about, but ended up thinking “it’s not so bad”.

It’s certainly created a thorough separation of concerns, for better or worse.
I discovered some months ago hat apparently the Qt project uses the same method for their bundle repo.

I’ve discussed aspects of it in issues on GitHub:

I’m not sure if we’ll do it like this forever though. But for now, it works well enough.

I’m really curious what people think about this approach, so let me know!


I’ve been shredding a few submodules from the bundle repo.

Notably, aw-webui is now a submodule of aw-server instead of the bundle. The browser watcher and aw-client-js lib are also no longer submodules of the bundle.

The docs were also moved to a new repo with a filter-branch. This will hopefully make the bundle history cleaner in the future and have no more unnecessary CI builds caused by nonconsequential changes to the docs.