Query to enumerate number of unique websites visited?

I think it would even be fun to see on the main stats page. I suspect many people would enjoy this and other stats. Unique websites per month? Year? Something like Vivaldi’s history, but you know, more accurate:

I envision AW could eventually replace https://www.pancakeapp.com in the future (Or others like Toggl). But yeah, maybe for starters please help mi with that query. Thank you!

This would actually be pretty simple to implement.

Here we have code where all the unique domains are calculated, it would just be a matter of counting them and show them in the web-ui.

But if you want to try this out right now, here’s a query you can enter into the “Query Explorer” in the web-ui. You can select the timeperiod yourself to whatever you want. Then just look at the “number of events: X” right beside the “query” button. For me it was 105 domains the past week for example.

events = query_bucket(find_bucket("aw-watcher-web-firefox"));
events = split_url_events(events);
events = merge_events_by_keys(events, ["$domain"]);
RETURN = events;
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