Regex question

hi, i am trying to figure out the regex syntax. i found this post: Help with regex that says how to do that but, as i am not super tech savvy, i don’t understand the instructions,

The regex matching is not done in the browser because it’s too slow to send all events generated in a week/month/year over HTTP to the browser. The categorization is done in aw-server/aw-server-rust through our query API/language. Look at what requests are made in the browser and you’ll see the query body containing the categorization rules.

specifically, using * for wildcards creates an error. any guidance would be much appreciated!

Yes we know that regex is not very simple, we will in the future add more simple text matching types. We decided to implement them first because they are standardized and very powerful.

Regular expressions are very well documented online, if you need a tutorial or documentation there are lots available and most implementations are 99% compatible.

I can’t help you with your specific issue with wildcards because you have not provided any information about what’s going wrong, only that something is going wrong. I could be guessing a hundred things which might be going wrong, but let’s save us both some time and instead please provide the regex which doesn’t work and the error message.