[Release] Visual Studio Watcher Plugin




this is the release thread for ActivityWatchVS.

New versions (beta and stable) will always be available in the
VsixGallery.com ActivityWatchVS download page.

Stable version will also be deployed to the VS Marketplace and can be installed using “Extensions” Menu inside Visual Studio.

I also plan to deploy stable to the Visual Studio Marketplace (as soon beta is tested for a while). When available I’ll post the link there.


  • Installable from VS Marketplace.

  • Track file edits in Visual Studio

  • Cumulate events

  • Autostart ActivityWatch

  • No configuration necessary, but possible (using VS Options Dialog Page)

Track file edits in Visual Studio

This VS plugin tracks your edits in visual studio. When you start to work on another file or after some time we send these events to ActivityWatch, usually running on localhost:5600.

Autostart ActivityWatch

If we cannot send events we try to start the ActivityWatch process once. We search different locations. For this to work place the binaries inside an ‘ActivityWatch’ folder inside %AppData% or Program Files folder.


Usually you don’t need any configuration. We try to read the ActivityWatch config file, else use the ActivityWatch defaults. If you need to you can configure the URL to the ActivityWatch service or (temporarly) disable the event pump.

If you want some features or find some bugs report them at Github.


We are installable from the extensions tab in VS:

So there is a stable branch which will be deployed to the Marketplace, and we should have automatic updates on this path.

Also we are supporting the brand new Visual Studio 2019.

Isn’t that great?


That’s awesome! Just added it to the list of watchers in the docs (might take an hour to update): https://activitywatch.readthedocs.io/en/latest/watchers.html