Removing a specific app from being tracked


I have been using Activity watch from May. I have to say, it has become a basic part of my flow. Can’t really see myself working without it. Great work!!!

One thing I wanted to know is whether there is an option to remove a specific app from being tracked by activity watch? For example, I started gaming in the same computer I work on but I just want to see the hours and breakdown of work (on the high level “day bars”) without the gaming time.

If it isn’t possible to do it right now I’ll add this as a feature request.

Thanks again for the great app!

There’s a similar feature request, but your use-case is different.

That would actually not be possible to implement without significantly impact the performance.
This is because the high level “day bars” don’t care about what application you use today, it only looks at the afk-bucket which only contains either “afk” or “not-afk” which is why it can be calculated for so long periods of time without becoming slow. If we added what type of window to that calculation of total time and the user for example selected the month view there could be years of data which would have to be processed which would result in that it would probably take a minute at minimum if the user would have used activitywatch for a year for example.

But it is possible to do on a day/week/monthly basis, you could do that today already if you have one category for “Work” and one for “Gaming” because then you can filter by category at the bottom of the Activity page.

Another option would be to simply shut down ActivityWatch when gaming, but that’s an sub-optimal solution because it’s easy to forget to shut it down or to turn it on again.