Reporting (timesheets/enterprise use)


A somewhat frequent request I get is the ability to use ActivityWatch within a company, or otherwise professional, environment such that teams/management can see how they spend time on different projects or how much different applications are used in their work.

Here’s an example of features someone requested in an email to me, that I think represents the common requirements for such a feature:

  • Track the time spent per user
  • Track the time spent per software
  • Track the time spent per project.
  • A Dashboard for the management where this info/data can be presented.

This also represents a major avenue for ActivityWatch to become financially sustainable by offering consultancy services or a paid-for “enterprise” version. (See this issue for more details on how ActivityWatch can become financially sustainable:

Note on privacy issues

There are clear privacy issues here, so it’s important for us that we get this right.

Even though employers in many jurisdictions have a right to know what employees do during work hours, we think the most common (and healthy) scenario should be that employees are trusted to spend their time as they wish, and have the option of privacy (at their discretion) as a sign of that trust.


For details on development progress, see this issue: