Skip hello early user screen and go directly to timeline

I’m sure this must be on the radar but after reading the hello early user screen a bunch of times, what I really want is to just go to Open Dashboard and it will load directly into the timeline.

Agree. Maybe de “early user” window could be a pop with a “don’t show again” checkbox.


This would be a very useful feature!

I bookmark the page I want to start at in my browser. Then just use that bookmark to go directly to that page at the start.

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I think this would be a great option to set in the settings page:

  • On my laptop, I would like to set the timeline as the default page, as I use it to visually analyze my time spent over past couple of hours
  • On my phone I want to see the stopwatch as default, as I primarily use the phone version to track manual activities.
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It would be useful to also add the following feature request Open dashboard with tray click into a PR addressing this issue, as they are quite closely related.

I’ve now implemented a setting that can be used to set the landing page when opening the web UI:

It’ll be available in the next release.