[Solved] Question about 'Window' Tab Detail change

Sorry for my bad English.

I figure out after v0.10.0 update, the ‘Window’ Tab under Activity is different compared to v0.9.2 or older version

The multi pie chart is gone and I have no idea how to bring it back. I also think I can’t found any related detail in Changelog about this change.



Thanks for your help.

Yeah, sorry about that, the “sunburst clock” visualization was removed for the time being but might be reintroduced in a future version. (see this comment: https://github.com/ActivityWatch/activitywatch/issues/508#issuecomment-730396764)

And you’re right that we should have mentioned it in the release notes, I’ll change them now.

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Thanks for quick and clear response.

At least it is still needful application for my daily life, I appreciate you all the team continue working hard to maintain this application, Thank you all.