Suggest workflow for multiple users on same machine

Hello, everybody.

I have two users set up on my Linux machine.
First user is for: Games, Videos, Personal projects, Opensource
Secound user: for paid job.

Second user is created for several reasons: to minimize distraction from work, and to keep corporate accounts from my personal browser, to not have to use separate browser profiels etc.

So what would be best course of actions? I don’t have second person using my PC, in which case I’d use different ports.

When second user logs in, AW is auto-started as it is in Autorun.
But it can’t start because server is already running.

I can see following set ups:

  1. Two serparate installations of AW (separate buckets and dashboards) and use different TCP ports
  2. Use same instance of server, but different instances of watchers.

In case of 2nd option, how to set it up? Allow watcher to write into same bucket? would it conflict if first AFK watcher would write that I am afke while from second user it would report that I am not AFK?
And in case if I use separate buckets for AFK, won’t dashboard go crazy?