Support for WakaTime clients


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Hi ActivityWatch team,

Currently, I use Wakatime to keep metrics of about my coding activity. I love the approach of ActivityWatch to be opensource and to give a full control on the data to users. However, If I could use ActivityWatch to keep my coding data I would switch right now. Did you plan to make a coding module or something like that in order to give a kind of Wakatime experience. :grinning:

Also, I think to be able to know what I do on my computer combined with what I do in my code would be the best for me.

Thank you!


Hi @kimond,

I’ve written a little about our plans in that issue on GitHub and it’s definitely doable but we have more important stuff to work on right now.

You might be able to import Wakatime data in the future and then simply point your Wakatime config to aw-server instead of :slight_smile:


We now have several forks of WakaTime clients working with ActivityWatch, a list is kept updated in the docs: