Terminal is outputting „ApplePersistence=NO“ every few seconds on MacOS


Hi, I’m checking out Activity Watch (on MacOS 10.14.4) atm and I like it a lot so far!

What I noticed is that when I run aw-qt in Terminal i get outputs like

2019-04-20 10:04:56.208 osascript[46758:1022530] ApplePersistence=NO
2019-04-20 10:04:57.622 osascript[46760:1022543] ApplePersistence=NO
2019-04-20 10:04:59.089 osascript[46763:1022562] ApplePersistence=NO

every few seconds. It doesn’t seem to effect CPU or anything it just feels like Activity Watch isn’t happy with that ^___^

I had a look around and it was suggested here to give Terminal access to Accessibility which I already have.

Any other ideas?