Time Zone incorrect

Just trying this out, and on starting my first Activity the time is incorrect. Is there a way to change this to my local computer time? Thanks

Where is the time zone incorrect?
The web-ui uses the timezone of your browser, so the only thing needed should be that your computers clock should be correct.

Bit late to the party, but I’ve got the same issue, on Firefox. Searching turned up this link from Mozilla’s support forum with the cause:

Are you using privacy.resistFingerprinting to show that?

I’m not willing to turn this setting off in order to make ActivityWatch display a timezone other than UTC, but if you are using Firefox and willing to make this trade, you’ll need to change that setting in your about:config and restart Firefox.

ActivityWatch is a website hosted on you local machine and doesn’t fetch anything from the internet so fingerprinting is impossible and makes no sense. Is it possible to “allow fingerprinting” of a single webpage to work around this maybe?

I trust ActivityWatch (and by extension you and the other developers) because it’s open source and I have verified for myself that it does what it says it does. Unfortunately, Firefox does not give users the ability to control this setting on a granular level. So privacy.resistFingerprinting will apply to everything one does with the current profile.

Users can otherwise work around this by creating a whole new profile with privacy.resistFingerprinting disabled, then launching a Firefox instance under this profile for ActivityWatch, which would cause Firefox to report the appropriate timezone.