Top Domains empty for firefox web watcher


I’ve set up ActivityWatch and installed aw-watcher-web extension on Firefox. I can see the data in the bucket

But when I look at Activity/Browser, it shows “No data”.

For the record, I tried installing the extension on Chrome, and it works without any problem.
I am running v0.11.0 version on Linux, and openSUSE Tumbleweed on Wayland.

Your window and afk watcher also needs to properly function for the “Activity” view to work, even for the browser tab. Since you mentioned that you are using Wayland, I assume that it does not work for you since we are unable to support Wayland due to the lack of API:s wayland exposes unfortunately.

The reason why window and afk watchers need to work as well, is because browser API:s don’t expose a way to show if the user is AFK or not, or if the browser window is focused or not. So we fuse data from window+afk+browser to get reliable data, and all those 3 watchers need to work simultaneously.

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