Track open windows even if not the active window

When I am in a Teams meeting, Teams.exe is only tracked if I have not clicked on another window. However, during meetings, I am frequently clicking to other windows to look up information or take notes.

I would like to track the number of minutes I spend with Teams.exe open, even if it is not the active window.

I see that in ‘Settings’ that this is available to me.

However, I am still not seeing this activity tracked when that window is not active.

Also, help me understand how this works. The Settings page tells me that the settings are only stored in the browser. However, there is a setting that tells the window watcher to go ahead and report an app, even when it’s not the active window if the regex matches. Wouldn’t that setting need to be pushed to the aw-watcher-window process somehow? Is this why this is not working? Does anybody else have this working?

Hi! Did you get this working? I need to do the exactly same thing.

No. Nobody from the team responded yet. What’s frustrating is that there appears to be the intention to do this because of that item in “Settings”