Tracking arbitrary personal statistics

I’m looking for an open-source desktop software to track arbitrary personal statistics via manual entry. Some usage examples would be something like tracking the daily number of words that you read from the books you’re going through. Or maybe for tracking the calories you’ve consumed in a day.

So far I can’t find any good open-source projects for handling this kind of usage. All that I can find are locked-down SaaS web/mobile apps. I’ve considered spreadsheets, but it seems like it would get unmanageable as your data grows bigger and bigger.

I’m also wondering if this could be done directly in ActivityWatch. But since it seems very time-centric, I’m not sure how it would handle data with different measuring units.

Any help would really be appreciated!

It would certainly work with ActivityWatch. But considering how many different data points you take up as examples, a more flexible tool such as a spreadsheet is probably a better idea and be quicker to get started with as ActivityWatch would need a lot of changes to solve your use-cases.