Tracking in VMs to Host


What is the best way to configure ActivityWatch in VMs (VMware Workstation) and host to monitor both on the host?

I configured a setup that works, altering aw_client.ini to point to host’s real IP address. The problem is it seems to only work when the host is assigned an IP.

A wrinkle to this is the host machine is a notebook which may be switching networks. So the real IP will change. It would be nice to have a setup where the INI’s do not need reconfiguring every time the network changes or a new IP issued.

I thought setting up the host as in aw_server.ini and the same in aw_client.ini in the VM would do it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. is known to both when VM network card set up as NAT.


I believe I found a solution. Create a host-only network adapter for the VM and host to use. It’s a private host to VM connection.

Initial results look good for anyone in this situation. I’ll be moving networks soon and will see if connections remain.


Exposing the server to the internet by setting a non-local port to bind on in aw_server.ini is a terrible idea security-wise.

The host-only network adapter sounds like the best solution. Let us know if you get that working :slight_smile: