Trouble running aw-qt after build on Windows 10

I am trying to generate an installer on Windows 10, but after I run “make build” and then try to execute “aw-qt” I get this errors. Therar are some modules not found, I supose this is due to a problem generating the .exe files for aw-server, aw-watcher-afk and aw-watcher-window but when I run the build it’s all ok.

Does anyone knows how to get to to specific error?

awhqt looks into a few specific folders for where to find the modules.
One of those folders is the folder where aw-qt is which is usually where it finds it. So just copy all the modules I to the same folder (including their dll’s and such) and awhqt should be able to find them.

Thanks Johan!
It worked.
I copied the contents of “/aw-server/dist/aw-server/”, “/aw-watcher-afk/dist/aw-watcher-afk” and “/aw-watcher-window/dist/aw-watcher-window/” to “/venv/Scripts/” and when I ran aw-qt it was able to find the modules.