Web watcher doesn't work with Brave



I have the same problem but I’m using Brave under windows 10 with the chrome extension.

I supposed that the problem exist because the window is identified as brave and not chrome?

BTW, nice work.

You can now track your web browsing with ActivityWatch

We have not tested if the plugin works in brave, but if it does and this would be correct. Considering that Brave is essentially just chrome with a few additions I would assume that it likely works.

So first, go into the “Raw Data” tab in activitywatch.
If the “aw-watcher-web” bucket seem to contain data the extension probably works properly in brave.
If this is the case, the data is there but the query from the web-ui to aw-server needs to know the name of the Brave window to apply its filter properly.

If you want to help us to fix that, check your “aw-watcher-window” bucket. Find a event in there which refers to brave and paste the exact string of the “app” field. If we know that string we can add that to the window filter in aw-webui and it should then work in the next release.


I checked, the watcher web is working like a charm, so in the raw window data I have this kind of line:

  • 32.957s ago
    title: You can now track your web browsing with ActivityWatch - News - ActivityWatch Forum – Brave
    app: brave.exe

So the app field is: “brave.exe”

That could be great to have it for the next release :slight_smile:

PS : for Opera it’s “opera.exe” :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Previously we have added support for firefox beta/chromium/chrome beta etc. through this method but I just realized that things might be more complicated than I thought after looking at the aw-watcher-web code. Apparently it also matters what the name of the aw-watcher-web bucket is (such as aw-watcher-web-chrome). Can you check what the bucketname is? I assume that either ends with “-chrome” or it’s broken and has a name such as “-undefined” or just “-”.

If it’s broken we might also need an update of aw-watcher-web


I saw there is an issue open for Vivaldi support. I didn’t see Vivaldi in the 1 reviewed commit. It may be coming.

Please add support for Vivaldi.


Here’s more up-to-date info about what needs to be done to support these browsers.