Week numbers

The calendar seems to be off in my weekly view. For example it thinks today, Sunday 9th of Augsust, is the first day of week 32 when it should be the last, right?

I’m not sure that I follow.

If you go to the 9th of August in the day view and then switch to the weekly view it should go to week 32.
If you go the the 3rd of August in the day view and then switch to the weekly view it should also go to week 32.
If you go from the week view back to the day view it will always go to the first day of that week.

What do you experience that is contrary to your expectation?

It thinks the 3rd of august is in week 31, and that that weeks start on Sunday. So basically it’s 6 days behind, as weeks are concerned.

(thanks for the quick response by the way)

Oh, then I understand.

We’ve had some issues about that before. Our implementation used to count the start of the week depending on what local they had set up on their computer as the start of the week is different depending on where you live (some places it’s officially Sunday but workweeks start from Monday like in the US, most places in Europe it starts on Monday, some places elsewhere in the world it’s Thursday etc.).

The issue with this was that a lot of people who did not live in the US had their computers locale set to US because that was the default without them knowing it and considered it confusing that the week starts on a Sunday, so now we have forced it to Monday. Not really a proper solution, but at least there are now less complaints as a international business week is always Monday-Sunday and the ISO8601 standard considers the start of a week to be Monday.

But maybe we should add the ability to change that in the settings so the users have the ability to choose.