What happens when an Event matches more than one Category?

E.g., a chat in Discord with “Emma” gets categorized as “Comms>IM” but what if I have a rule that marks “Emma” as “Project X” ?


Bumping this to see if there’s a solution. Curious if it gets double counted or not

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After reading some code of aw-server-rust, I think the match process is as follows:

  • iterate every rule, in the order shown in the web ui
  • if one matches, use that one
  • if we have multiple matches, use the deepest one. i.e. if an event matches both “Comm” and “Comm>IM”, the category will be “Comm>IM”

So we won’t get double categories for one event. In OP’s case, “Comms>IM” is deeper than “Project X”, so this event will be categorized to “Comms>IM”

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Isn’t categorization done at client-side in JS?

I thought so, as just recently it was merged to save settings to DB. Or this code exists only in Rust version?

See this PR: