What is the release cycle?


How often is the master branch built using master of all other repos ?

Case in point : aw-webui has some commits which are not included in the latest release of activitywatch

Is there any way to manually update the web-ui ? without having to run two diff processes


Me and @ErikBjare’s time spent on activitywatch is very scattered and depends on how much free time we have, so the release schedule is unfortunately very unreliable. Personally I hope that we can make releases at least 4 times a year, but the more the better of course!

It definitely has some great new features and currently they’re only available to users who know how to build activitywatch themselves which is unfortunate. The only thing blocking us from a release is for us to take the time to prepare a release and manually test it on all platforms for basic issues.

It is possible to build the web-ui separately and then move it into a pre-built version, but there’s no guarantee that mixing versions of the activitywatch components actually work. In this case I think it should though.


Can you share your release script ?
So that users who want to can use master/specific branch of all repos to build it

manually test it on all platforms for basic issues.

What are the tests ? Are the automated or manual ? Can you share them so that users who build it can test it for themselves


Most low-level stuff has automated tests that are run on every build, but we do some basic manual testing just to make sure that nothing has gone terribly wrong (like ActivityWatch refusing to start up, or eventual database migrations going badly).

The automated tests have their starting point in the Makefile here:

The manual testing isn’t really structured, so there are no real steps to share. We just start it up, check if things seem to work, (sometimes) check the logs for warnings/errors, and that’s it.