Which encryption to use for data location? (Linux)

Im using Sirkali for folders encryption. I replaced ~/.local/share/activitywatch with symbolic link which points to folder decrypted with gocryptfs. Encrypted version of this folder is placed in Dropbox. After about 2 months of work the folder become corrupted. I had to clean all folders (cache,data, config) and initialize everything from scratch. I dont know wheter it was Dropbox fault or ecryption algorithm but i would want to avoid such situation in the future.

So what ecryption do you recommend for securing data folder?

Well on Linux a LUKS File Container is considered production-grade and used in many different places.
I think the main criteria for picking a solution would be maturity, so how long ago the first release was, if it’s still active, how many contributors, size of mailing list, wiki and general documentation about the product (I’m sure there are other such ways to evaluate if something is safe and has the potential to be future-proof).

That being said, backups are also important, and testing the backups is important too (and a solid testing procedure can help), like for example in the case of hardware failure, the consequence could be data corruption at encrypted file container level, so how much of the data can be recovered in that case would depend on many variables. If you do test test each backup after it’s been created (and of course backups stored on a different medium altogether), and have some reliable way to know when hardware failure occured, then you can minimize data loss.