Window watcher grabbing wrong title


I’ve recently been trying ActivityWatch to help keep track of my development time in a platform at/called

I usually have TWO instances of my development app running at the same time (multiple databases).

AW’s timeline shows when I’m working and when I’m afk, but the windows titles that it lists are often from the other instance than the one that I’m working on. Again, timings look ok, but Aw is reading the wrong window title! If I quit one instance I immediately get the correct window title logged.

Any insights appreciated,

I’ve never heard of an issue like this before, and I find it unlikely to be an actual issue in the watcher since that particular code has worked flawlessly for years.

But if you believe with some certainty this is a bug, please file a bug report on GitHub instead with more details (OS, steps to reproduce, etc).

Good to know thanks, I’ll go install AW on a spare machine to compare, & if I have the same problem I’ll come back to a bug report.

BTW, this is on: OSX 10.15.6, AW Version - within a month or two…

Cheers and thanks,

Tried on a new machine with brand new AW installation. Identical issue with both my app & multiple instances of Word.
Bug report filed!