Windows - First Install - localhost:5600 doesn't respond

Installed for the first time, Windows 10
Chose the ‘per user’ option.
The tray icon runs on log in, and works, but nothing ever responds at localhost:5600

I do see a sqlite db file in appdata, and some lines in the logs that look like it’s doing something


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I have the same issue…it’s so slow…I don’t know why? how can I fix it?

Fresh install “per user” here as well.
HP ZBook G6 i7(9850H) Windows 11 – Chrome / Vivaldi (also Chromium-based) and Firefox all responds very slowly at localhost:5600 . Takes several tries to get the page to display. Deal breaker for using ActivityWatch – but will try to look more into the problem before I give up …

Strangely – after finally loading for the first time Firefox now seem to have found the way to cooperate with localhost:5600 . Hope this persists after next reboot. Chrome / Vivaldi still very slow.

Edit 2 :
Strangely – after beeing OK for ~5 min. it is now slow again, and giving the error “AxiosError: timeout of 30000ms exceeded. See dev console (F12) and/or server logs for more info.”

Edit 3:
Actually all browsers load the page at “the same time” after a long wait (if the timeout don’t come first), so guess it is server related.