Windows on ARM (ARM64) build

Requesting a Native arm64 build for the surface pro x, or at least instructions on how to do the build yourself.

Willing to submit debug info in return

This is available on the docs page, one page for general building and one for specifically setting up an windows environment.

The web-ui and aw-server-rust is verified to be able to build for arm64 as that’s what the android app uses, but that’s obviously not Windows. It does however seem like pyinstaller works for arm64 so it should hopefully work.

GitHub actions only have support for x86_64 today, so until that is fixed it will be very hard for us to make automated builds for arm64.

Just letting you know. You have to manually specify in aw-watcher-afk pyproject.toml

pyhook = {url = “”, platform = “arm64” }

in order to get the build to compile without throwing an error, and it still throws a warning that there’s a mismatch with the poetry.lock file

Yeah, pyhook is a dependency which we have some issues with on Windows. The long term plan is to remove it completely.